See what members and visitors alike are saying about CDW and English Country Dance:

“I attended my first CDW dance in November 2011, and joined the very next week! The group is warm and welcoming, ensuring that every newcomer has experienced partners for the dances, the live music was wonderful, and the dancing itself was so much fun. I was attracted to it from my enthusiasm for Jane Austen and the social history of the Regency era; but held off trying this for a couple years because it is a 45 minute drive from my town. However, once I made that first visit I found it well worth it, and plan to dance until my legs give out. I hardly notice the ride there and back anymore.” – T. Gingrich

“Your Celebration of Spring Ball this year was magnificent. The size of the crowd made it a wonderful affair, and the dance selection was an excellent mix of old and current, complex and just simple fun. I especially appreciated that the dances were called, as well as having been taught in the afternoon practice session. Kudos to all!” – Grateful Dancer 

Join us for a dance, and then please write your own testimonial of your experience in a comment to be shared here!

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