Dance Schedule


THURSDAY DANCES:        7:30-10:00 PM      CDW MEMBERS    $8          OTHERS    $10

FRIDAY & SATURDAY PARTIES:  8:00-11:00 PM        CDW MEMBERS    $12
.      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .      .       STUDENTS     $10   OTHERS    $15

Our Subscription Series helps to support CDW and will entitle you to admission to all dances except Holiday Delight, New Year’s Eve, the Ease & Elegance Workshop, the Spring Ball and Ice Cream Social.

ALL DANCES are held at the Church of the Highlands, Bryant & Grandview Avenues, White Plains, NY (except for the 40th Anniversary Dance and the Celebration of Spring Ball which are held at St Thomas Church, Mamaroneck)

DATE        DAY       DESCRIPTION                TEACHER(S)                       MUSICIANS


Sep 11        Thur        Opening Dance                     Paul, Orly                                  Serendipity

Sep 18       Thur        Dance                                      Orly                                             Serendipity

Sep 27       Sat        Harvest Dance Party               Brad Foster                    The Flying Romanos

Oct   2        Thur      Dance                                       Orly                                             Serendipity

Oct 9          Thur      Dance                                       Orly                                             Serendipity

Oct  16       Thur       Dance                                      Paul                                              Serendipity

Oct  23       Thur       Dance                                     Judi                                             Serendipity

Nov 2        Sunday afternoon – CELEBRATION OF CDW’S 40 YEARS!!!
 2:00-5:00 p.m.                      Callers Cavalcade             Hold the Mustard
[This dance to be held at St Thomas Church, Mamaroneck]

Nov   6       Thurs       Dance                                    Paul                                             Serendipity

Nov  13       Thur       Dance                                     Paul                                            Serendipity

Nov  20       Thur       Dance                                     Paul & Dorothy                       Serendipity

Nov 28        Fri.         Thanksgiving Dance            Judi                                            Calliope

Dec    7       Sun.      Holiday Delight                      Tom Amesse                          Bare Necessities
.                   2:00-5:00 p.m.

Dec    11      Thur      Dance                                     Dorothy                                        Serendipity

Dec    31     Wed.       New Year’s Eve                   Orly & Paul                       The Flying Romanos
.                   8:30 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.


Jan    8      Thur      Dance                                      Judi                                             Serendipity

Jan    17      Sat         Winter Frolic                  Barbara Finney                              Musical Mamas

Jan   18      Sun       Ease & Elegance Workshop          Paul                               Robin, Sue, Mark

Jan   22      Thur       Dance                                      Judi                                           Serendipity

Jan   29      Thur       Dance                                     Dorothy                                     Serendipity

Feb     5      Thur      Dance                                      Orly                                            Serendipity

Feb   12      Thur       Dance   (ball prep)               Judi, Orly, Paul                       Serendipity

Feb   21      Sat.       Chocolate Round-O               Robyn Hayden                 Lady Jane’s Delight

Feb   26      Thur       Dance  (ball prep)               Judi, Paul, Orly                         Serendipity

Mar     5      Thur       Dance-Ball Prep                    Judi, Paul, Orly                       Serendipity

Mar   12      Thur       Dance-Ball Prep                    Judi, Paul, Orly                       Serendipity

Mar   19      Thur       Dance-Ball Prep                    Judi, Paul, Orly                       Serendipity

Mar   21      Sat.         Celebration of Spring Ball   Judi, Paul, Orly            The Flying Romanos
[This ball is held at St Thomas Church, Mamaroneck]

Mar  26     Thur        Dance                                       Dorothy                                     Serendipity

Apr     9      Thur       Dance                                       Paul                                            Serendipity

Apr     16      Thur       Dance                                      Orly                                           Serendipity

Apr    25      Sat.        April Showers & Flowers     Beverly Francis                        Margaret Ann
Martin, Tom Phillips,
Sue Polansky

Apr     30      Thur       Dance                                      Bruce Hamilton                     Serendipity

May     7      Thur       Dance                                      Judi                                            Serendipity

May    14     Thur       Dance                                        Judi                                          Serendipity

May    23     Sat.         Ice Cream Social                    Judi, Paul, Orly                       Serendipity

June     6     Sat.         Dance Party                             Colin Hume                            A Joyful Noise

Beginners warmly welcomed at all Thursday dances – Come with or without a partner.  Newcomers may come at 7:15 for basic instruction.  Some experience requested for Friday and Saturday dance parties.  Wear comfortable, informal clothing, and bring low-heeled, soft-soled shoes.  Contributions of light refreshments are welcomed at all dances and parties.

If the weather is inclement, notices will be posted on this CDW blog on the home page as to whether a dance will be cancelled, or use the Contact Us page to email a query as to the status of the dance.

Visit Country Dancers of Westchester (CDW) here at or our website

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