Come Dancing for a Ball (or several)

During the month of January, CDW will include in its dance lists several that are scheduled for upcoming ball programs in our area.   Please come join us, whether you are prepping for one or more of these balls, or just for the fun of it!

Judi Rivkin’s program for this Thursday, 9 January, is listed below, with indicators of those that will feature in upcoming balls.

KEY:  Elm City [C]  –  CDNY [NY]  –  CDW [CoS]  –  Boston [B]

In addition, this week’s list includes several dances by or reconstructed by Fried DeMetz Hermann, as this week sees the anniversary of her passing.  These dances are marked with an asterisk (*)

DANCE LIST – 9January:
*The New English Lady
Juice of Barley [EC]
*Leah’s Waltz
Scotch Morris
*Norbury Park [CoS]
*Mylecharane [NY]
Long Odds
Fenterlarick [EC]
*The Introduction [EC] [B]
Young Widow
*Circle of Tradition [CoS]
Mr. Isaac’s Maggot [EC] [NY]

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