Celebrating and Honoring

It will be yet another celebration on Thursday, 14 November — our dance will commemorate the birthday of Fried de Metz Hermann (13 Nov), one of CDW’s original founders as well as a knowledgeable and prolific English country dance choreographer.  (You can read more about Fried and her contributions to CDW here.)

This week’s dance list will feature many of Fried’s composition – come join us for the evening from 7:30-10 p.m. to enjoy dancing some examples of her legacy.  All of these were either choreographed or reconstructed by Fried de Metz Hermann:

6 for the Six Proud Walkers DLi 2/4 D
Anna Maria DL 3/2 Bb
Enjoyment* 3C 2/2 G
Jack’s Health DL 6/8 Am
Randolph Farewell 3Ccirc 3/4 G
Rose of Sharon* DLi 2/4 Cm
Thursday Mixer* DLi mix 2/2 D
Leather Lake House TL 2/4 A
Joy After Sorrow 3C 3/4 Am
Hills and Dales of Wales DLi 2/4 C
Saturday Triad 3C 6/8 G
Bar a Bar* DL 2/4 Dm
Girl’s Best Friend DLi 3/4 D/Em
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